House-altering floors and other things

It should be law to have an outlet, whether it is running, reading, writing or some other task that clears your mind or creates focus. Luckily, all of the above do that for me. Unfortunately, I don’t make enough time for any of them lately. It is a couple miles here, some time on this or that every once in a while or some touch ups to a literary query I have been working on for five years now (any agents out there).  These outlets are important for someone like me—someone who can’t get their mind to stop. If you don’t act on these thoughts and release the built up energy you conjure then you are left a stressed out mess. That is me now. There are too many ideas, plans, goals and not enough focus or time to complete. I guess I could equate this to when you have put off laundry for weeks and it builds up and builds up until you finally do something about it. You try to sort it but instead you throw it all in. Six loads of laundry later you finally sift through it, trying to match up socks and seriously considering a glass of wine and an episode of New Girl instead (mindless tv is the only thing that ALMOST shuts my brain down. But then I feel guilty about being unproductive later).  Does any of that make sense? It is time to make time--you MAKE time for those things that are important to you. Putting them off causes STRESS.  I have let my ideas get out of control, so now what I am left with is chaos.  It is a process—a work in progress. That brings me to our house project…

Everything in this house is a work in progress. At least we can say we mostly have the kitchen floors done! Our plan to go room to room was a bit over-enthusiastic. I should have known I wouldn’t be able to ignore all these other “house altering” projects while we see one from beginning to end without interruption. I’m still going to try, though. Kitchen. Focus, Laura. Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen. But, what about the bath- KITCHEN, Laura! Okay. I will do my best. Although, the kitchen and the half bath really go together. Plus, the bathroom is un-usable at this point. I will give myself a break on this one and tackle this kitchen and bathroom simultaneously.

My original plan for painting and stenciling the kitchen concrete did not materialize. Jared convinced me to instead put some money into this and just lay hard woods. And so we did. I can’t complain. Now I don’t have to go through the process of soaking and scraping the rest of the glue off the concrete. Fortunately, we have an awesome neighbor, Steve, who has experience in laying wood floors! While it took some time, due to Steve’s OCD, the kitchen floor is done and looks stunning! I am so glad we decided to do the hardwoods as it really allows the rooms to flow much more nicely allowing an illusion of a larger space. Now all we need to do is replace countertops and apply the subway tiles! And change the light fixture…and touch-up cabinet paint…and add under cabinet lighting…and…Focus, Laura.

In all seriousness, though, tackling home improvements with a one year old and full time job is no joke, especially for the non-stop mind. This is our first time, though, and I am just a little excited about the projects we have coming up. It is fun transforming a space and being able to say you had the vision and realized it.  In the end, this home won’t just be another box. It will be built with tears, sweat, laughter, ambition and a touch of insanity. That is what makes a house a home. You can’t get that everywhere.

What about that other chaos? That is a work in progress, but I am determined.

This helps me get back on track: