This is that "dare to be great" moment.

I’m not going to think about it. Instead, I’m just going to do it because life is too short to worry about all the things you have to do and never what you want to do. Isn’t happiness the goal?

When did we forget that? I know when I was a kid I had no worry. I had big dreams and crazy ambitions and life was something I was excited to experience. It isn’t that I haven’t enjoyed my life so far, its just that I haven't lived it my way, all the way. Many of my wildest dreams are still dreams. I need to turn them into reality and stop thinking I’ll get to it later. Well, here I am—later—30, and I haven’t done enough.

When did it all become so real? I wish I could pinpoint that moment so I could analyze the thoughts that made me change my worldview. I could stop this pandemic-a populace just living to work, pay taxes and die. Big dreams are left to the sandman.

I was at a birthday party for my three-year-old nephew a couple weekends ago.  With big balloons, a minion cake and a gleam of wonder in his eyes I saw it. There it is! Just be a kid again. What I mean is--think without limits, discover new things and worlds, create and imagine things you never thought possible, and travel—see the world and all its possibilities.  I need to view every moment like this kid—like I can conquer it at any moment. Not just that—just do it without fear! Even when you feel the fear, do it anyway. This is what makes you brave.

The daily grind wears you down—well, it wears me down. I need experience. I need to learn and be challenged so I can see a part of life that not many get to experience these days because they are controlled by someone else’s schedule and demands. I’m going to stop living for someone else and live for my family and myself.

Now, that doesn’t mean I can just drop everything and be a gypsy because I do have a family and we must eat! Rather, I am going to open my mind, look for beauty and good in my day to day, create beautiful things, write about the wonder that crosses my mind. 

We only have one life. We hear this all the time, but do we really understand?  This is it. Right now is your moment. Why not live this way everyday. Experience all there is to experience. Discover the unimaginable.

So, join me on my journey to be like a kid again—to see life through the eyes of a kid again. Here's a test: What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you doing it? What are your passions now? Are you pursuing them? What does the day in the life of you look like? Is that what you want your legacy to be? This is that "dare to be great" moment. 

PRO AMBITION-realign your priorities and desire to achieve greatness.

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