Will You Marry Me?

Yes! Very enthusiastically, emphatically, unequivocally YES! 

How does it go? Love is in the air. Can you feel the love tonight? All you need is love. All of the above? We are getting married and I cannot be more thrilled!

So what I imagine is a big, round, red barn during the Fall, surrounded by fields. The large barn doors are propped up open by two wine barrels overflowing with flowers. As you walk inside you are greeted with the reception hall, covered by a canopy of lights. Inside are several small round tables covered in white table clothes, topped with candles and deer antlers (sorry, Jack & Meghan. Loved the idea). On the other side of the barn is another set of barn doors, opened, but covered by long white curtains. Once pulled back, OH what a sight! The hay stack pews (or tree logs turned into pews. I'm not picky :-P) are topped with white fabric. The white rose petal isle lays a clear path to the barn doors. 

This is what I have so far. But, honestly, I don't need any of it as long as I can call him mine. <3