Country Roads


Charleston is the epitome of beauty, charm, and history. I moved here eight years ago and have loved it ever since. They aren't kidding when they say its as if you are on vacation everyday. Well, sometimes. I can drive one mile and I'm at the beach, which is the most beautiful when the sun begins to set. It creates a calmness that washes over your body, and everything is perfect in that moment. The drive in the morning over the bridges is strikingly serene. The water is calm, boats sitting in the marina. sometimes you can even see the dolphins playing in the water beneath the bridge full of cars headed to work. That dolphin gives me a feeling of euphoria--a feeling that there is something so much bigger than all of this--the hustle bustle of working life. Its the kind of feeling I get when I run along the Battery in the morning or late afternoon.

Then, you just can't block it out anymore--that hustle and bustle, keeping up with the Jones' or Kardashians (whichever is your poison). You hear the roar of the engines, beeping of the horns, and squealing of the tires as the car beside you cuts you off. Or, the roar of dozens of cars as you sit on the Johns Island bridge. I try to focus my attention on the water beneath me, birds in the sky, and how the light reflects of the water. Beep beep! Shoot, I have to inch closer to the stopped car ahead of me. An hour and a half later I reach home.

These city walls are closing in on me. I'm ready to hit the city limits and drive far enough we see no city lights and the only light comes from the moon and stars in the sky. Last weekend we got a taste of it. My grandmother turned 80 so we headed to the Kentucky county to surprise her. What beauty, at least for this ole' country boy and girl! I was tired during the nine hour drive, but I couldn't close my eyes.

Once there, the look on Mamaw's face was priceless. We don't get to see her much, but hopefully more now.  We have committed ourselves to living in the moment--as if tomorrow may be one day too late. 

Kentucky Country--where the stars shine bright, not eclipsed by the city lights, you can hear the crickets and frogs by your window at night, and you can drive and drive for miles and see no one...until you want to.


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