5 Loves This Week

It has been a tough week and a half or so. I should have guessed our 11 days between the Indiana/Virginia/Kentucky/South Carolina roadtrip and our upcoming (Saturday) beach trip to our old family stomping grounds on Oak Island would be difficult. Carraway goes to the ER Thursday night, we help my sister move Saturday (this was fun but exhausting!), I get sick Sunday morning, Jared gets sick Monday morning, and we spend the rest of the time sanitizing, cleaning, working and painting cabinets. WHEW! It became very important to focus on the little "big" things. 

1. We get to move back into our house soon :-). We moved to Virginia last year and rented our house in our absence. Thinking this was a more long-term move we had no problem letting them sign a two year lease. Well, we hated the area we moved to (Norfolk) and came back! We bought a condo in the meantime. The tenants have found a home to buy (out tomorrow) so we will begin transitioning back to the house when we are back from our short family vacation! I'm so excited to begin Berryhill (this is what I'll call the house) home projects! Unfortunately, I won't be able to do much work on the condo. At least we will get the cabinets done! <--photos coming soon!

2. Carrying a VERY heavy headboard up a flight of stairs with my sister. I haven't laughed like that in a while. :-)

3.Ghostbusters on Tv. Right now. I love Bill Murray!

4.Tatertots & Jello blog. So many great ideas!

5. B/c these two are the loves of my life, and AMERICA: