5 Loves This Week

It has been a pretty beautiful week, with a few bumps along the way. I just try to remember the bumps are there to keep us grounded. We truly are blessed. 

Our week began at the beach, surrounded by family. We went ghost crab hunting, boogie boarding and bird feeding. It was nice to be a kid again. It was also nice not to have any shark or crocodile scares :-) On the down side, Carraway's two front teeth are coming in, so we didn't get much sleep. The cold ice pops were a hit, though (thanks, Alicia<--sister). 

Then came the middle of the week. Our tenants moved out last weekend, and we didn't have a chance to do the walk through with the property management group. I wish we had. They said everything was in great condition. Well, we stopped by this week and it was far from alright. All of our lawn care equipment and tools had been stolen, the landscaping was completely destroyed, the walls were torn to pieces and I don't think they cleaned a day while staying there. Needless to say, I was livid and found it hard to think about anything else but that the next day at work! Property management group=fired! Our new guy seems to be pretty great:-) Well, all weekend has been spent at the house painting (and swimming). Lots to do! Stay tuned for a ton of renovation/home improvement stories. Sorry in advance for the low quality "before" photos of the living room--the living room light broke and no one told us. It is on the list of things to fix. This will be fun!!

Here are my 5 Loves from this week:

1) Spending time with all the family at the beach.

2) This is a great book--a look at corruption and tension in Africa (set in a fictional country in Africa but still wonderful and terrifying depiction of the reality). I have a small obsession with Africa and can't wait to visit one day.

3) Finished refacing the cabinets (on a budget) at the condo. Check out the process at House2Home, posting shortly.

4) Started the home improvement process at the Berryhill house. Here is a pic of the downstairs bathroom. Yes, we have our hands full. 

5) A run around the Battery. This was the perfect end to the work week. Running has always been my stress reliever. I need to free up more time to do it more often.

Yes, that is a woman in a wedding dress. This is a very popular photo op spot.

I came across this gigantic dog on the way back and thought he deserved a photo op as well. Or, maybe I needed a reason to stop for a moment...

I hope you each take the time to cherish the moments in your life that inspire you.