Tenant Choice Remorse: An Opportunity to Refine My DIY Skills

These two keep me inspired!

To say that our former tenants destroyed out house is an understatement. They obliterated it! We have our hands full, that is for sure.

Last Wednesday we received news our condo rented. YAY! And, only after about 20 hours, nonetheless! Fortunately, we kept it furnished so we didn’t have to move large items. It still took two days to move everything out, though. Time to purge! We were supposed to pick a U-Haul truck up on Saturday to get our things from a storage unit. When Jared and our friend Jack arrived at the local hardware store to pick up the truck, they were told they no longer had U-Hauls! How does this happen? How is this miscommunication possible?

But, at least we were now in our house. If only the tenants hadn’t completely disrespected it. We came back to scuffed up walls, repainted walls (easter egg purple and yellow) with paint drippings on the floor, wall and all over. It is usually customary to paint them back before you leave, right? Our fence was damaged during a tornado last year. The fix, that cost us $1,000 to fix, is down right criminal. Boards are holding the fence up. Where did the money go? Toilet handles are broken, light kit on the living room fan is broken, there are cuts in the carpets in the bedrooms and the yard we had spent so much time on has been ignored. The one thing that makes me the most angry is that they stole all of our landscaping equipment and tools from the shed. They said we “abandoned them.” 1-How can you abandon items in a house you own? 2-Isn’t it customary to leave such items for tenants to use? 3-So, does that mean we abandoned the washer and dryer too? Needless to say, we are livid. Nothing back from our previous property management group yet. This will not stand!

Back to the good stuff, though. They have left us a mess, but it will be quite a ride working on these projects. To keep ourselves from going insane we are going room to room. I did decide to pull up some old backspash in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom already, but this will just encourage us to keep going! We have painted the kitchen, dining area and living room as well. Lots of painting to go.

The dining room will be the easiest, so it is our plan to begin there. So far we have only painted and hung the wine racks back up. Next comes a new chandelier, décor, table, popcorn ceiling removal, and possibly French doors.

Dreary tan walls and bland lighting

Dreary tan walls and bland lighting. The curtain rod holders have to go as well. Take a look at those counters! Don't worry, that is part of the kitchen project.

The lighting is terrible, but this blue works wonders in this room. Can't wait to finish it up!

Stay tuned for our updates in House2Home/Dining Room.