5 Loves Last Week


#1: This little fella, that is an understatement (look at those chunky legs!), is a daily inspiration. He is cutting his third tooth now! This photo will give you a glimpse of what was upon us last week. Chaos. It still is. That brings me to #2, though.

#2: We are finally back in our home! The storage unit is vacated. There is stuff EVERYWHERE, though. Looks like I need to reach up on how to #KonMari. It is a process...Pictures will come AFTER the process. :-P

#3: Love my pink shoe find. Actually, Jared found these at TJMaxx during our Indiana trip.

#4: Meatballs and Ricotta Whip-I whipped up this dish this weekend. YUM. This will likely be my go to for a little while. #fitmomwannabe. No, I didn't eat all that ricotta whip. I wanted to, though.

#5: DIY Wooden Countertops! Jared has given me permission to tear up the countertops and try my hand at DIY countertops and I couldn't be more excited! This may be a couple projects down the list, but should be coming up soon as the others will not take long:-) Dining room improvement and fence work coming next.