Beautiful, Simple Life: Declutter your mind and space


In an earlier article I mentioned the little beast chaos and how it has reigned in my life for some time. I have allowed my mind to become cluttered, creating a stressed out mess. #momlifeunfiltered.  While sorting out that mess is still in progress, I wanted to begin tackling the stuff that creates just as much stress— like too may toys, too much laundry, too many things…I know there are plenty out there that know what I mean. Walking into a busy kitchen drives me bananas. Too many things on the bathroom counter makes my heart beat just a little bit faster (not in a good way), walking it a home with something covering ever inch makes my skin crawl. I can barely sleep in a messy room! I am not OCD. You can ask Jared. I am far from it. This very fact (can’t sleep in messy room) is probably the reason I am so sleep deprived at this very moment. Less is more—let’s make room for the good stuff.

Have you ever heard of the Kondo Method? Brilliance! While I am not an “KonMari ninja,” many of the ideals appeal to me for many reasons:

  • Saves money
  • Easier to find things
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality items ("quality, quality, quality" is what my grandmother used to say)
  • More visually appealing
  • Opportunity to focus on what you have
  • Less laundry
  • Less dishes
  • Less stress!


If you need further confirmation check out this Ted Talk by Graham Hill,

 My goal is to tackle at least one room a week to completely KonMari with these rules in mind:

  • Edit ruthlessly.
  • Think minimally
  • If it does bring joy to your life, toss it! What does Kondo say? It must spark joy!

I decided to give my spice/extra stuff cabinet a shot before I start the real deal. I tossed out all the spices I don't use (most went into the trash) and reorganized a bit. The key is NOT to just relocate the items. Everything else got tossed!

Wanna try? I'm not going to lie, it is pretty exhilarating throwing everything out! I can't wait to start my closet...