Master Bathroom KonMari-ish Reveal

Before we begin our large renovation projects (well, we kinda started the kitchen already)I really wanted to get rid of all the “stuff” that causes me so much stress! No kidding—I’m going from semi-hoarder to KonMari ninja! I just can’t stand it any longer. Freeing my space is truly beginning to free my mind! I get so much joy in donating my old “treasures” and throwing away the junk!

The KonMari technique stresses the point of completing the process  all in one swoop. Well, I am going to deviate a bit. Working full time and having a one and a half year old just doesn’t allow me to do quite that, if I want to sleep. About two years ago I could manage on 4-5 hours of sleep easy; not anymore. Sorry KonMari lady.

I chose our master bathroom for our first KonMari experience. Now, I certainly have not perfected this process, but I think I did a pretty darn good job. I only wish I took pictures of my trash and donate piles. I’ll be sure to do this next time.  

The Counter

The counter is shameful. Hair tools everywhere, misc items and junk. This is just straight up embarrassing, but real life. I threw out every never-used hair product, accessory, old make-up and broken jewelry. Why did I think I needed this? Why do I have three bottles of aloe vera? WHY do I have so many hotel lotions and shampoo(Jared)!!! TRASH.

The Cabinets

It was very important to us to clear out the cabinets. As you can see, the little fella likes to make this his smurf house. He would pull everything out from these cabinets every morning (don’t worry, all safe items). One thing I noticed was that this is stuff I NEVER use: empty make up bags, unopened lotion bottles, etc, etc.  All TRASH. EMPTY cabinets.  I did put my folded towels on the other side, though. But first, I threw away a TON of them. For some reason I thought I needed something like thirty towels.  


After moving the towels from the linen closet to the cabinet I freed up the shelves in the linen closet for organizing all those crazy hair tools, make up and toiletry items we actually do use and use. Jared has a box, I have a box and my blow dryer/straightener/hair products have a boxJ Don’t worry! Carraway has a box in his bathroom. The box at the top is for extra toiletry items like soap, shampoo, razors…


Don’t be turned off by the design, please. I haven’t gotten there just yet. Imagine new paint, cabinet color, countertops, fixtures, mirrors, and extra shelving. Getting rid of the stuff comes first. Then comes design!

Next week’s room…CLOSET!