DIY Crafts: Dip Your Hands A Snowman Candy Jar

Don’t know what to get your coworkers, neighbors, and teachers this holiday season? I have the perfect solution. . .

Snowman Candy Jar


It’s cute, affordable, and it is easy!

Here is what you’ll need + the jars, black matte spray paint, buttons, hot glue gun, and CANDY! Sorry, I keep leaving items (many) out of my supply pics. My excuse: I’m a mom to a two year old mini monster, and I’m exhausted most the time, hence the reason for easy crafts!


Step 1 – Spray paint your jar with the chalk white spray paint. Let dry well. Ensure you keep a good distance from the jar and spritz in short spurts to avoid paint dripping. In all honesty, mine still dripped some, but it is okay. It was 76 in Charleston yesterday. Melty snowmen are expected.

Step 2 – Spray paint your jar lids matte black. Let dry well.

Step 3 – Use glue gun to sew on buttons. If they are miss matched like mine, like all things are now, use a black sharpie to color.

Step 4 – Time to fill your jar with the good stuff. I chose chocolate covered pretzels and reese cups because who doesn’t love both.

Step 5 – Tie ribbon around the lip of the jar on one side. Then, attach a cookie cutter. Tie a bow.  Tie another ribbon on the other side of the jar and attach a holiday shaped tag. I used a Christmas tree.

Step 6 – Close the lid, and you are done!

Happy Holidays!