Construct A Pallet Board Ceiling In 6 Easy Steps


We just completed an entire bathroom ceiling for nearly nothing. So can you, if you have the tools and access to free pallets. You can find free pallets around town: home improvement stores, construction sites, landscaping stores and nurseries.

Project duration: 6 hours


  • ·         Pallets-Our half bath took about 7 of them. Approximate bathroom dimensions: 6’x4’
  • ·         1-2x4
  • ·         Screws
  • ·         Screwdriver
  • ·         Table Saw
  • ·         Arm saw
  • ·         Sander or sandpaper
  • ·         Stud finder
  • ·         Tape Measure
  • ·         Square


1 – Use stud finder to locate studs in bathroom ceiling

2 – Rip a 2x4 into strips ¼ to ½ inches thick. Length—length of bathroom. Screw every three feet into the studs.

3 - Pull nails from pallets and separate pieces.

4 – Cut pallet boards down into three lengths. Example- We cut 14 inches, 23 inches, and left some whole. You will stagger the boards.

5 – Sand down rough edges.

6 – Screw in the pallet board pieces into your ripped pieces of wood.

*No pallet board is created equal. Some pieces may require additional sanding and cutting to fit. Think of it as a puzzle J