Disguise Your Hideous Electric Panel

How hideous! This panel welcomes me each morning and every evening when I come home. It catches my attention and ruins my mood as I try to make a delicious, gourmet, home cooked dinner every night. It gawks at me as I slave over my stove making breakfast each morning. No, but really, I couldn't stand  it any longer. I can't get rid of it, so I will disguise it! I'll have to work on that alarm panel later...

While it certainly isn't perfect...yet....my new farmhouse quote sign solved my panel problem. This quote from The Great Gatsby, our favorite book, was an easy pick--an incredible reminder to live life larger than yourself every day and you will have a full life, BUT be careful to keep perspective.

The board was quite easy to make, even if it did take an entire box of sharpies! Print the words at 130 Times New Roman on white printer paper. Cut out the words and tape them to your board, careful with spacing (I could have been more careful). Use your sharpie to trace the letters out. The marker should seep through to the board. You can then fill in. This took about 2 weeks. It would have been much faster if I had spent time on it every night. I used a gold paint pen for The Great Gatsby letters.

We may frame it as well. I will post an update!