Fireplace Makeover Part I-How to Paint Your Fireplace In Four Easy Steps

The living room is our city center. Our son throws his blocks, scoots around on his train, climbs on the couches (and tables) and plays football with daddy in this room. Most of our home time, when not outside, is spent here. It is where I squeeze in my writing, fold laundry, plan my day (yes, I need an office space). It is important for this space to exude love, peace, warmth, and inspiration—but right now, it doesn’t. Right now it is bare. There are no curtains to hug the windows, no rug on the floor to warm our feet, no beautiful wooden front door to give you a happy welcome. Even the fireplace is misplaced. It will take time, but I will turn this space into lovestarting with the fireplace.

The fireplace, a lot of times, is the focal point of a room. Ours was not giving a great first impression, so I decided to give it a makeover. The tiles around the fireplace don’t match the tiles at the base of the fireplace which gives it a chaotic look. My goal was to create a more streamlined, crisp clean look that can be accentuated by the gray walls. What that means is white paint.


·         Surface cleaner and cloth-I used TSP to ensure a deep clean

·         Painter's tape

·         Foam roller and tray

·         Primer/bonder paint-white

·         Enamel paint-white

·         Kid barrier--don't skimp on this one. Kids are attracted to paint! I used daddy and kitchen table chairs and stools.

Step One

Clean the surface area thoroughly.

Step Two

Apply painter’s tape because this bonding paint is unforgiving.

Step Three

Paint away! I applied three coats of the primer just because I’m a bit over zealous when it comes to paint. I waited 30 minutes to an hour between each coat. I let that sit overnight. I then applied the enamel to give it one last layer.

Step Four

Remove painter’s tape and kid barriers ...if you dare!


I know, y'all. I need to work on my camera skills.

Stay tuned for Fireplace Part II-Adding a touch of charm