Upcycle Old Pictureframe

Our first room to tackle in our home improvement adventure is the dining room. It has been weeks. The only thing holding us up is a mirror we can't seem to find! Today, I had a brilliant idea--use the tons of "stuff" we have here to make our own! So, one old bathroom mirror, old picture frame, a little bit of paint and tools and a new framed mirror is born! I didn't use it in the dining room because it is ultra heavy and hanging it makes me a bit nervous, but we are now able to use the one the upcycled one is replacing!

It only took about an hour and a half. It would have taken much less time if Jared hadn't broken the first pane of glass. He means well...love you sweetie!

This is what I had to start with:


Thankfully, I was able to transform it into this: