5 Loves...To Get You Started

It is easy to stumble down a rocky path or completely lose your way in the hustle and bustle of every day. The devil has a knack for showing up when you aren’t paying attention. Shut him down. Live on purpose, capture those moments that make you remember life’s beauty and don’t forget your own whimsy. Stop sweating the small stuff and turn your attention to what makes you feel love, because life is too damn short. #wakeuptolife

#1  Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich."

Last week I was glued to this book. I highly recommend to everyone, especially those with a dream!

#2 Yes...chocolate made the list..


There is just something about good jams, chocolate and a notebook that gets me going. No matter how many Whole 30s I do I cannot completely shed my chocolate obsession. Goodbye chocolate for 30 days (May Whole30 starts today!) 

#3 Bathroom reno!

This bathroom project has been hanging over our heads for quite a while now. Finally, some intensity! The toilet is back in, new sink installed, walls partially painted. Now, only to finish painting, complete window trim and decorate! Not much longer!

#4 @Blackbird Brief

International politics and analysis has always been a passion of mine. My time at the Citadel, where I obtained my MA, was spent in intelligence courses, sharpening my skills for a career in that field. This is my way of honing my skills, whether you like it or not. :-) And it is fun...

#5 Kids and Dandelions

Children are an easy inspiration. Just look at him-dandelion puff in hand and wonder on his mind. The world is but a playground to him. This kid is my world. He reminds me to slow down and be present. He reminds me that even a tiny weed, like a dandelion, has its purpose that is far-reaching. I'm not kidding. Dandelion root rocks! Finally, he reminds me that there is still good. Sometimes you just have to look for it.