{No Space Wasted} Worthless Closet-->Pretty Pantry

The coat closet was simply a pit of despair. A sock loses its pair--it goes into the closet until the other turns up (which never happens). Old curtain rods sit and wait to never be used again. Random toys go in and never come back out. It is where everything just goes, never to see the light of day again. It kind of reminds me of the Island of Misfit Toys, and I'm immediately thrown into an emotional conundrum as I'm all of a sudden sad but excited that Christmas is only six months away. Ah

This is why I'm simplifying. Trash. It is all trash...all except the stack of magazines Jared just can't part with. And the glow sticks from Easter. You pick your battles...

Moving on...

Tools and Materials:

  • saw-unless you have it cut at the store. 
  • tape measure, obviously
  • brackets of your choice
  • screwdriver
  • screws

Project Time: Only a couple hours! Trip to Lowes included. Great weekend project.

To be honest, it is all quite simple so I won't bore you with too many details. I say simple...I had Jared do the installation...


  • Ensure your brackets are long and sturdy enough to hold your wood and the weight of the pantry items. We used 4 brackets per shelf for added support. Our little one likes to climb, not that he would be getting in here. Can't be too safe, though.
  • Add levels to your spice shelf. Makes it a whole heck of a lot easier to see what you are working with.
  • Add a closet clothes hanger under the last shelf, add hooks and hang your bagged snacks.

Go ahead and add that to your honey do/diy list.