Lucky 7 Paths to Happiness | Love Your Life

Happiness. Not only is this a loaded topic, but it purely subjective. One person’s idea of happiness may be completely different than the other, so I don’t offer these ideas as a prescription to happiness. I do know they have helped me, though, and the reasoning makes sense. I hope you can find them as helpful as I have.

After having my son I felt, for the first time, feelings of helplessness, heaviness and sadness. I would venture to say I experienced postpartum depression, which was very frightening. These feelings were new to me. I have always had an optimistic view on life and never let anything get in my way. But, that all changed--so very quickly--and sent me on a roller-coaster ride of emotion, for a while. All I know is that those moments are scary and all consuming. Even though you know your thoughts are irrational you can’t change those thoughts. It completely takes over.  It opened my eyes and heart to those experiencing that chaos. I also recommend getting help, because no one should experience that alone.

It still gets to me, too. That is why I have adopted these techniques as a lifestyle change.  I set off on a journey to discover the most effective ways to find me again. And, to be honest, it isn’t rocket science. Rather, it is easier to keep it simple.

Keep in mind. Finding your happiness is not a quick fix. It is a road to discovery.

1*Listen to your favorite song on repeat. I know this sounds silly, but it truly helps. Just make sure the song you choose isn’t depressing! The type of music you listen to really does shape your attitude. Find the kind that inspires you.

2*Run. Or, just work out. Feel good in your skin. Love your body. Treat it well. You only have the one. Also, your workout will release endorphins, and we all know that is just releasing pure happiness. Why not get a natural happy high and achieve a sense of accomplishment you get from running?

3*Declutter. I am a huge advocate of the less stuff/less stress philosophy. The more miscellaneous and unused items I give away--the better I feel. There is less to clean, look at and less to steal my energy. You must agree there are items you keep because you feel you have to for whatever irrational reason. Do you ever feel like the thought, or presence, of something that doesn’t bring you joy is exhausting? Point made. Moving on.

4*Wake up with the birds. There is something about the calm, quiet, serenity of the early morning that rejuvenates my soul. I know that sounds a bit kitschy, but there is no other way to adequately describe it. I use this time to run, reflect and plan my day, month and year. It sets the tone for my day. But, before this becomes truly effective you really must…

5*Discover your purpose. Yes, this is a bit more difficult to discover for some. Shoot, I’m ** and I still haven’t nailed it down yet. But,  my focus now is to figure it out. I have some ideas. The key is to reflect on the thoughts you had as a kid. What did you want to do and WHY? The why is what we need to focus on..Still don’t get it? Well, I’m still working on this one. I just needmore time with the birds to reflect.

6*Plants. Become a plant lady or plant fella. They literally breathe life into us and do a fabulous job of cleaning our air. A few good energy plants: lucky bamboo, peace lily, money plant, orchid, sage, holy basil, aloe, jasmine and rosemary. Plus, they're just pretty to look at.

7*Diffuse oils. There are certain oils effective at giving us a positivity boost: lemon, sweet orange, lavender, sage, peppermint, rose. Just try it.

Like I said before-- It is simple. It is natural. Just take the time to do it.