Weekend Project-DIY Pallet Board Mirror

pallet board mirror .jpg

Have an extra few minutes this weekend? Perfect! That is all it takes to build this pallet board mirror. 

For months I searched for just the right mirror for our half bath reno. I could not find it. Nothing fit the look we were going for. 

That's until Jared scored a ton of pallet board wood!

We already decided to go for a rustic look, so why not use this same wood for the mirror!

A few cuts and one Habitat for Humanity Restore stop later we came up with this.


A perfect fit!


I especially like the imperfections in the wood.

You may be wondering how we affixed the mirror to the wood--Jared used his saw to cut small slits into the sides of the pallet board wood. Just make sure you only cut slits to fit the mirror so it doesn't fall out the bottom.

Create something this weekend!