Weekend Stroll: Charleston Tea Plantation


This Charleston winter has been one for the books--find it sorted under Worst Snow Storms In History. I may have a small case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Saturday was a sweet turn in the right direction, even if it did just last that one lovely day. Hopefully it is enough to get me through a few more weeks of winter. I'm not sure how much more I can take. Saturday we went to the Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island here in South Carolina. It was a little sweet tea bliss mixed with peace + serenity + relaxation. 

The Charleston Tea Plantation is the only tea plantation in North America! It is just acres and acres of tea plants, beautiful grounds, and gigantic old oak trees. My favorite part? It is free to visit! They do offer a trolley and factory tour at a small price. Enjoy free tea as you wait, though!

We opted for the free option and wandered around the grounds. It was refreshing to experience an expanse of country just right down the street. The traffic back and forth to work has really gotten to me lately, and it was a relief for my mind and spirit to be surrounded by nothing but nature.

If you want a quick escape from the city I would highly recommend The Charleston Tea Plantation. Get out of the city for the day!