Five Loves


Sometimes I lose focus and forget about those very important moments or feelings in life that help construct my best life. Slow down, be mindful, be in the moment, and live life on purpose so that you can truly live your best life.

Here are a few moments from this past week I am thankful for and just give me those cozy, loving feelings:

Downtown Charleston Runs

Charleston, you sure do know how to show off. Whether it be a big, beautiful Charleston home or the way the sun rises over the water. You give me that “feels like anything is possible” vibe and I love you for it!

Fall Nights & Bonfires

There is nothing better than fall. Bonfires, s’mores, hot chocolate, cozy socks + sweaters, and back porch sitting while not feeling like your face is going to melt off or worried you might overheat. You make me feel at peace.

Thrift Finds

I just get excited! Oh boy, the exhilaration I feel finding a great pair of fall boots and hat for $8! Well, its just down right magical, or a shopping problem.

Pumpkins Patches

With pumpkin patches come petting zoos and hayrides and pumpkin carving sessions! And I just love it!

Mmm. Herbal Tea

Currently I am sipping Tazo Tea’s Sweet Cinnamon Spice, and it tastes like Christmas! It is perfect at refreshing a down moment. It kicks me into gear, much like coffee, but caffeine free. It inspires me!

Think about a few things you loved this week and REALLY think about them. How did the moment make you feel? Why did it make you feel that way? And do it more! If it helps, write it down as a reminder to be in the moment and do what you love!