Charleston Design: Wood, Hydrangeas, and Haint Blue Paint

Living in Charleston, South Carolina has largely influenced my passion for design-interior and exterior. Our family will often take long strolls on these downtown streets on the weekend, coffee in hand, just to admire the architecture and endless charm this little city has to offer. It really is the epitome of southern charm and hospitality. It doesn’t stop there. The people of Charleston still have that old world gentleness and manners I crave were still all the rage everywhere. Not to mention, we maintain a healthy balance between work and play.   Consequently, many of the designs are finding their way into my home slowly through 2018 and into this year. I recommend a few of the features below:

Wood Paneling

We started working on our paneling projects a couple of years ago. My upcoming paneling projects: a wall in my home office and a wall in our kitchen/dining area. We have successfully paneled over our fireplace, entryway and first floor and guest bathrooms. I’m obsessed. I think it adds warmth and pizzazz to a boring space. And, there are so many different ways you can do it!

The Gardens

I solicit the advice of my mother, mother in law, and husband in this area. My grandmother had the most beautifully orchestrated gardens and was a very active member of the gardening club. My grandfather had a successful vegetable garden boasting some of the best tasting tomatoes I have ever had. While I absolutely love the act of gardening and planning, I really just don’t have an eye for its design. My husband would disagree, but he is just a southern gentleman at heart. We are currently working on developing four gardens on our small property and designing three other existing beds.

Window Boxes

A local instagram account @explorecharleston has an entire day dedicated to window boxes. #windowboxwednesday. Enough said about these beauties. I mean, just how charming are these?! #welcomehome

Hinged Shutters

I love function. Now, I get that most windows nowadays come with triple quadruple hurricane proof glass, but if closing these make you feel better during a storm...well, that, folks, is function. Plus, these just look a whole heck of a lot better than fake shutters.

Haint Blue Paint

Admittedly, I am a tiny bit superstitious. I understand many find such things silly. But, frankly, I think it is fun to believe in a bit of magic. So, bring on the haint blue paint

I know most of these projects are outdoor projects, but I have a lot going on inside too. I am going room to work planning my feng shui design. I’ll roll over the basics in an upcoming post, but apparently I am a Wood Element. Which, honestly, is no surprise! So, this should be easy. My office is nearly done.