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6 Ways To Improve Your Level of Happiness

You will overcome the negative thinking, the depression. You will start feeling more like yourself, a happier self. There isn't anything wrong with you. This experience is making you stronger. You are making it. Now, keep going. Here are 6 ways to improve your level of happiness.

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On Life and Writing

I have spent an exhaustive amount of time trying to figure out a brand, the purpose of this blog, how to grow as a blogger and writer. It all made it so easy to lose sight of why I started doing this in the first place.  Then, I realized I don’t want to do any of that bullshit, because damn, it is stressful! It wasn’t meant to be stressful, and I don’t want it to be….

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Paths to Happiness in a Negative World

In a world dominated by negativity, 24 hour news focusing on tragedy, and social media, it is imperative to practice a path to happiness. Write, meditate, practice gratefulness—do something to encourage positive thinking.

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