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Old Southern Bloom - Flower Bed Prep, Sweet Tea, & Pimento Cheese

It is time to start prepping your gardens! In the south we love our flowerbeds, much like sweet tea and pimento cheese on a cool afternoon—they are southern staples. My grandmother had the most spectacularly lush flower beds, perfectly orchestrated for each blooming season, flawlessly pruned and shaped. She had a green thumb I could only dream of having. To be honest, when I was younger, I had no interest in learning the art. I was too busy fishing and sucking on honeysuckle. I sure did love admiring the blooms, though. But now, I wish I would have spent more time with her, hands in the dirt, carefully snipping and curating her gardens.

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Charleston Design: Wood, Hydrangeas, and Haint Blue Paint

Living in Charleston, South Carolina has largely influenced my passion for design-interior and exterior. Our family will often take long strolls on these downtown streets on the weekend, coffee in hand, just to admire the architecture and endless charm this little city has to offer. It really is the epitome of southern charm and hospitality.

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Create a Space You Love: The psychology of interior design

Do you ever consider how a space makes you feel? It is where you host parties with your friends, it is where you shelter your children and loved ones, it is what surrounds you during life’s greatest, and sometimes worst, moments of your life. Does that space make you feel joy, inspired, or warm? Does it reduce your stress level?  Do you feel at home? It should reflect you and bring you peace, but does it? The science of environmental design isn’t anything new. It has been around for thousands of years. Think Feng Shui. Thanks to the wellness and mindfulness boom, scientists have been doing more and more research on the matter and have found very interesting results--design elements really do impact positive and negative emotional responses.

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